Koca Reis Resort
Adres: PK82, Yeniboğaziçi - Mağusa / KKTC
Tel: +90 392 378 8229     Fax: +90 392 378 8322
E-Mail: info@kocareisresort.com
Kocareis bungolow have a big gree garden and wonderful sea views situated into a quality of modern restaurant for service on located to Famagusta. Just 5 km near to Famagusta also our facility also many historic district and  within walking distance of the shopping centre.

All bungalows have a seperate bedroom room, a private bathroom with shower,free wi-fi. Also, a terrace with seating area has been presented to our guests.

Kocareis restaurant with indoor and outdoor areas of the seafront location, offers you great fish and grilled cooked food. In addition, the bar in the evening in the morning from 07:00 to 00:00.

Kocareis think conveniences for guest comforts to everything.Car rental guide service from water sports, day trips to the many issues our reception is able to provide you with detailed information.

A total of 16 bungalows, offers every season of the year, which consists of facility.

Bungalows: Three types of bungalow exists in our facility. These are; quadruple, triple and double, we can classify as.

Our bungalows for four person and each ona has a entresol which includes twı beds and two sofa bed. Except four person bungalows they have two beds and one sofa bed which is for three person.

All the bungalows stove gas stove, fridge, a pot, a frying pan and people according to the number of plates, cutlery and cups, a television as standard. Each bungalow has a private balcony.

For further information and booking please call +90 392 378 8229