Koca Reis Resort
Adres: PK82, Yeniboğaziçi - Mağusa / KKTC
Tel: +90 392 378 8229     Fax: +90 392 378 8322
E-Mail: info@kocareisresort.com
In our facility, bungalow and restaurant 350mt long beach can use with fine sand and crystal clear water with a wonderful atmosphere.

Kocareis coast of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is one of the finest beaches.

Sea lovers can be considered immediately adjacent to our indispensable beach at some point, you can rent a motorboat for water sports (jet-ski), sea bikes and surfing enthusiasts there are windsurfing to skiing.

Our beach is uninterrupted 2.6 km length and shining stars of the golden sand, crystal clear water and a wide coastal area 8-10 meters is one of the main features to be fit.

Our beach is open to the public and tourists, the entry is free of charge. But you must paid services such as sun beds, beach umbrellas. Beach has within the fish, type of grills, breakfast and all kinds of fastfood-style food and drinks find your needs besides marine engine along the coast (jet-ski), pedalos and windsurfing activities.