Koca Reis Resort
Adres: PK82, Yeniboğaziçi - Mağusa / KKTC
Tel: +90 392 378 8229     Fax: +90 392 378 8322
E-Mail: info@kocareisresort.com
Kocareis bungalows, started sale of soft drinks  just before the season in 1976 at the coast of famagusta.We began to service just five room in accommodation service of the pass time and continue to service and since 1985, began to serve throughout the year.At the beginning of the 90s, it completed the construction of the first new block bungalow and the other two with today's addition of the block appearance.

Bungalows: Three types of bungalow exists in our facility. These are; quadruple, triple and double, we can classify as.

Four bedroom bungalows is mezzanine in bungalows within two beds and two sofa beds. Three bedroom bungalows  have two bed,one sofa,one sofabed and two bedroom one double bed.

All the bungalows stove gas stove, fridge, a pot, a frying pan and people according to the number of plates, cutlery and cups, a television as standard. Each bungalow has a private balcony.

Koca Reis - 1985